Hosting / Joining an Internet Game

First of all, I will start off by saying that early in the season, everyone tends to have some problems hosting / connecting to a host.  Until we all get accustomed to the software, try to have patience in this regard.

There’s two key points that we must remember when hosting / connecting to games.

Firstly, port 32019 must be opened on your computer.  This is the port that the Action PC Software communicates through.  Luckily, DKSports has built in an easy way to open this port.  Within the ACTION PC software, simply navigate to the Internet menu at the top of the window, and find the Open Windows Firewall port 32019.  This will open the port for you.

The second issue most of us face when trying to host a game is that our router (if we connect to the internet through a router) is not configured to allow the software to communicate with another computer.  You MUST set up your router to forward the software to port 32019.  Luckily, there is a website set up to help us do this.

You will need to know the Brand / Model of your internet router.  After you have this information, proceed to  From the PortForward homepage, located your router brand, then model number and click on it.  I have AT&T U-Verse, so my router is not listed.  If something happens and your router is not listed, you may need to use your router’s user manual (which can usually be downloaded from your router’s manufacturer’s website).  After locating your router on PortForward, click on it and proceed to your router’s page (Note: when you click on your router, PortForward usually takes you uto an advertisement page.  Simply click on “Click here to skip this advertisement” in the top right corner to proceed to your router page).

Before you proceed, you’ll need to ensure that your computer has a static IP Address.  For instructions on setting this up, please see this website:

After you have setup a static IP Address, proceed to your router’s page on the Port Forward website and scroll down and click on the Action PC Football 2010.  Click on this link.  From there, the website will walk you through, step-by-step, with instructions on how to set up your router to forward the Action PC Software to Port 32019 on your computer.  From here, you are ready to Host/Join an internet game!

Now, how to host!  First of all, head to the website and copy your IP Address.  Then, open up your Action PC Software, click on the internet menu at the top, and click “Host Game Session.”  Then, send your opponent your IP Address and have them connect to you.  Once they have connected, you will receive a pop-up that indicated you have an incoming call.  Accept the call.  Then, go to the play menu at the top of your Action! PC Software and click the appropriate option (for official season games, you will click on scheduled league game).  After selecting the game options (default options) click OK and another menu will pop up that will give you the option to choose which team your internet opponent will coach (obviously, this would be the team that isn’t yours).  Then, play ball!

Now, to join a game!  After your opponent lets you know they are ready, head to your in game menu and go to “Internet” at the top and click “Join Game Session.”  When your opponent gives you their IP Address, put it into the appropriate spot and type a Screen Name at the top of the window (I would recommend your Team Name).  Then click OK!

And that’s it!  Once you connect to your host, they’re responsible for everything from there.

Once an official league game has been played, it is the responsibility of the host team to email the game file to me.  Once your game is over, click Utilities, double-click on export games, select the appropriate game, and click ok.   The game file can then be located in your primary game folder (C:\Program Files\Action PC Football 2010) but you can choose a different export destination if you choose.  The game file will contain your team name and your opponents team name and will end in the .xbx extension.  Email that to me at and I will take it from there.

I think that’s about it!


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