TTFBA Playoff Watch – Week 15

Well, after the previous playoff watch picture, things are much more clear.  Here’s the current breakdown:

Walter Payton Conference

1. Donelson Warriors – Donelson clinched the #1 seed and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with a victory over Hermitage last week.  The road to the Super Bowl on this side goes through Donelson.

2. Wausau Blue Bombers – Wausau has already clinched the division–and can clinch the #2 seed with a victory over TP this week.

3. Coldspring Chiefs – Coldspring could earn a first round bye if Wausau loses out and they win out – this seems unlikely.  They play Minnesota this week and with a victory clinch the division and the 3rd spot in the playoffs.

4. San Pedro Corsairs – San Pedro has had an impressive turnaround after starting the season poorly.  Were it not in a division with Donelson, San Pedro would be competing for the #2 seed.  This spot is just about locked up for San Pedro.

5. Minnesota Lakers – Minnesota has also been playing well as of late.  They’ve played themselves into contention.  A victory over Coldspring this week could mean a division title.

6. Trois-Pistoles – As of right now, TP is in control of their own destiny for the playoffs, with a one game lead over Hermitage , Tennessee, and Knoxville.  However, they play a really competitive Wausau club this weekend and could drop into a 3 or 4 way tie for the final spot in the playoffs.

Still alive, need help: Hermitage, Tennessee, Knoxville, New England
OJ Simpson Conference
1. Buffalo Blitz – With two victories over Great Lakes and a head-to-head victory over Tillman, Buffalo has locked up the division and #1 overall seed in the OJ Simpson Conference.  Buffalo seems destined to meet either Donelson or Wausau in the Super Bowl (with significant victories over their top 2 opponents).

2. Tillman Rangers – Tillman has quietly put together a 10-win season (which could easily end up being 12).  A week 16 showdown with Montcalm could end up determining the #2 seed and the division crown.

3. Saint Gabriel – While not necessarily the most talented team in this division, it is the most well-coached.  Saint Gabriel has pulled away from a division that was stuck in a logjam a couple of weeks ago.  SG can clinch the division with a victory this week. (Real Charleston could still claim division title if SG loses out and RC wins out).

4. Great Lakes – Similar to San Pedro, were Great Lakes not in a division with Buffalo, this club would be fighting for the two seed.  Instead, they are looking like the first wildcard team.  Montcalm / Tillman could overtake them for this wildcard spot, but it seems unlikely as Great Lakes is all but assured victories the last two weeks of the season (see: games against Nashville and Bearden).

5. Montcalm / Tillman – the runner-up of that division likely lands here.

6. Real Charleston / Glendora / Bullard – At best, an 8-8 team will make the playoffs.  At worst, a 7-9 team will make the playoffs.



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  1. Tony

    Very well explained and in depth young man, I especially liked the part about the Super Bowl on our side coming through Donelson!!!

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