Installing the 2010 Action PC Software

I’m going to outline the instructions for installing your new software, starting with the ZIP file you download from

First step is to extract everything within the ZIP file to a ZIP file on your desktop.  After unzipping this file, run the SETUP.EXE file which is found within your newly unzipped file.

After you begin running SETUP.EXE, this will walk you through the installation process. (Note: There is a lengthy manual within this unzipped file as well – this will walk you through all of these steps too).  After the setup has completed and the game has installed, you’re ready to set up our league within the game.  This is where things differ quite a bit from previous versions of the game.

First, go to the TTFBA website and download the latest league disk.  SAVE this zip file in the following place:

PARENT DRIVE (Usually the C:\ Drive) –> dksports-data –> football –> seasons

After downloading the disk and saving it at that location, open up the 2010 Action PC Football Software.  Navigate to the SETUP menu at the top, and click the “Install Season” button.  The next window that pops open should already be in the PARENT DRIVE (Usually the C:\ Drive) –> dksports-data –> football –> seasons folder, but if not, navigate to that folder.  Locate the latest league disk that you just downloaded, highlight it on the right side, in the bottom right (where is says “Install to”) I recommend changing the name of the folder you want to install to from the default name of the ZIP file to the name “2010 TTFBA Season”.   Therefore, in the bottom right, it should read:

C:\dksports-data\football\seasons\2010 TTFBA Season

After that, click Begin Installation and your current season will install from the ZIP file.  After the install, you should have access to all teams within the league.  From now on, when there is an updated league disk, you will simply need to unzip that file into the 2010 TTFBA Season folder you just created.  Be sure to overwrite all files when prompted to do so.

Season installed!  Next, I will create a write up on connecting to your opponent and hosting an internet game.


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Donelson to Repeat?

After running simulations of 20 seasons, it appears that Donelson is the team to beat.  Donelson averaged just over 14 wins per season, including three undefeated seasons.  No other team managed a single undefeated season.

Buffalo looks to be a tough out, as well, averaging 12.4 wins per season, while winning producing a 13-win season most frequently.  Donelson also produced a 13-win season most frequently, along with Kansas at 13 wins most frequently.

San Pedro C will be nipping at the Warriors heels all season: San Pedro C finished with an average of 12 wins per season.  If the Corsairs are able to live up to these expectations, the pressure should be on Donelson all year.

Not far behind is Wausau – averaging 9.6 wins, but posting 11 most frequently.  Wausau had several seasons in the 14 win category.  With a coach like Greg Smith, its hard to see them winning less than 12 games.

In this blogger’s opinion, Donelson, Buffalo, and Wausau seem to be the teams to watch with Kansas and San Pedro C not too far behind.

Why put Wausau ahead of Kansas and San Pedro C?  Two reasons.  First of all, it is widely known that Greg Smith is one of the better coaches in the league.  Second, Wausau has a much tougher schedule (having finished near the top of the conference last season).  If they can make it through their tough schedule, they’ll be tough to top in the playoffs.

The most wide-open division is the John Riggins Division in the OJ Simpson Conference.  Check out those average wins: all 4 teams finished between 7 and 8 wins, on average, with each team winning the division multiple times.  I’m giving the edge towards Real Charleston and Fresno, but who can really tell?

Another tough division battle to watch for is in the Earl Campbell Division.  Tillman and Montcalm should duke it out for their division title all season long.  While Montcalm produced more wins on average, Tillman produced a 9-win season more times than Montcalm’s mode of 7 wins.

The Playoff teams look to be as such:

Walter Payton Conference:

  1. Donelson Warrior
  2. Kansas Jayhawkers
  3. Wausau Blue Bombers
  4. San Pedro Corsairs
  5. Southwest Scorpions
  6. Tennessee Vigilantes
    Other Contenders for a Playoff Spot Include:
  7. Minnesota
  8. New England
  9. Mt. Pilot

OJ Simpson Conference:

  1. Buffalo Blitz
  2. Montcalm Panthers
  3. Death Valley Undertakers
  4. Tillman Rangers
  5. Great Lakes Midshipmen
  6. Real Charleston Galaticos
    Other Contenders Include:
  7. Fresno Outlaws
  8. Saint Gabriel Apostles
Based on a Simulation of 20 Seasons
Team Average
Number of Wins
Most Frequent
Number of Wins
Donelson 14.1 13
San Pedro 11.9 12
Hermitage 5.0 5
Fort Worth 3.2 4
Kansas 11.4 13
Minnesota 7.9 9
New England 7.7 7
Mt. Pilot 7.1 7
Wausau 9.6 11
Southwest 8.2 8
Tennessee 5.7 8
Knoxville 4.7 6
Montcalm 9.6 7
Tillman 8.2 9
North Carolina 5.7 6
Dayton 4.7 5
Death Valley 7.9 9
Fresno 7.8 7
Real Charleston 7.6 9
Saint Gabriel 7.3 7
Buffalo 12.4 13
Great Lakes 7.8 8
Nashville 6.9 7
Bearden 3.8 4

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